sanQR – small hands and smaller QR code

The fifth pair of gloves are now under way and are an experiment with a smaller QR code and smaller gloves.  I have given up on the bar code being read now.  I have had various suggestions as to why it will not work and the most sensible is down to the yarn.  When viewed close up the yarn is hairy and this “noise” could prevent the camera on the phone reading the bar code.

The fingers and thumbs are all worked in salt and pepper stitch for a different look.  It is relatively easy to knit and should mean finishing the gloves a little more quickly.  Also, it allows the length of the fingers.  A great advantage since I have smaller than average little fingers.

The gloves eventually took around two weeks to complete and would have been done sooner had I not run out of white wool.  Not to worry though, the use of a different dye lot is not noticeable – fortunately.


About clicknknit

I enjoy knitting small intricate pieces with an interest in promoting wearing our art on craft on our hands. Gloves and mitts are the new socks!
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