21C Sanquhar – Right hand almost done

Just to fingers to go with QR bar code centred on the back of the hand

Late night post and photos could be better I know but they are turning out better than expected.  Based very loosely on the People’s Friend pattern used on earlier gloves I have altered the placement of the fingers by one stitch, introduced salt and pepper between the fingers and customised the wrist.  The realignment of the fingers seems to be a real improvement – who would believe one stitch could have a visible difference?

Right palm customised with initials for quick responseThe initials, representing Quick Response (code) are OK but the box could be just a couple of stitches wider so that it is central over the wrist.  It is acceptable, just not quite perfect.

All in all though its going pretty well and I am pretty certain that they will be my competition entry.   I was only going to knot one glove but I am so pleased I reckon I will make the pair and wear.


About clicknknit

I enjoy knitting small intricate pieces with an interest in promoting wearing our art on craft on our hands. Gloves and mitts are the new socks!
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