QR and 21st Century Sanquhar

Partial QR barcode on the back of the right hand glove

It has taken a couple of weeks but the 21st Century Sanquhar glove is well under way.  The QR bar code is taking shape on the back of the right hand.  The only down side is the weaving of the black strand is visible in some places but this might sort itself out when they are blocked (hopefully).  I can’t wait to finish to see whether the code actually works.

Initials on the wrist in the Sanquhar tradition

In keeping with the Sanquhar tradition the squares are worked over eleven stitches by eleven stitches and the wrist customised.  The alternating pattern blocks although symmetrical show some resemblance to QR bar code.

The pattern has been laid out in Excel making relatively easy to knit up.  I don’t think I could manage this in abbreviated form.

I have just discovered that Sanquhar style gloves were also created in the Yorkshire Dales.  Another future project sorted.


About clicknknit

I enjoy knitting small intricate pieces with an interest in promoting wearing our art on craft on our hands. Gloves and mitts are the new socks!
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