Sanquhar gloves – second pair

P and B Vintage Pattern

Vintage Patons and Baldwin pattern - possibly 1940's

Having picked up a vintage Patons and Baldwin pattern from Rainbow Valley Vintage  the second pair of gloves are underway, this pair include a customised wrist.

This pair are coming up a little larger than the pair from The People’s Friend.  Whilst the wrist on both pairs is the same size, the actual glove has around a third more stitches than the welt.  The corrugated rib on this pair gives a snug fitting welt.

Customised Sanquhar

Customised Sanquhar glove wrist

I have almost made it to the knuckles on both hands and hope that my four inch needles arrive soon as I am running out of fie needles to store work in progress.

Sourcing yet more needles the other day I found missbabs fibers on Ebay. Great selection of Hiya Hiya needles at a good price with unbelievably low postage costs.


About clicknknit

I enjoy knitting small intricate pieces with an interest in promoting wearing our art on craft on our hands. Gloves and mitts are the new socks!
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