Sanquhar pair, minus digits

Fingers and thumbs left to do

Both hands in progress

Both hands are under way now and I am just waiting now for the four inch needles to arrive from Yarn Bazaar so that the fingers and thumbs can be knitted.

Whilst I am waiting I can make a start on my next pair.  I have been lucky enough to pick up an original Patons and Baldwins glove pattern, like the one featured on the SCRAN website and similar to the design on the tata-tatao website.  This has a full charted alphabet so the gloves can  be personalised in the Sanquhar tradition.

I am also looking forward to receiving copies of traditional patterns supplied by the Scottish Women’s Rural Institute and should I want even more sources then Beth Brown-Reinsel’s  compass and rose design is a work or art.


About clicknknit

I enjoy knitting small intricate pieces with an interest in promoting wearing our art on craft on our hands. Gloves and mitts are the new socks!
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