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I have moved to another blog now and can be found at – an altogether more sensible address.  See you there hopefully.


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Bespoke gloves

I am currently working on my own glove designs for the gloriously coloured KnitPicks Palette fingering yarns available from Great British Yarns in the UK.  With final tweaks made to the pattern the next pair should be perfect.  This first pair have worked out pretty well though and snapped up by one of my daughters.

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QR-3D Exhibition

sanQR finished pair 2 by siouxian
sanQR finished pair 2, a photo by siouxian on Flickr.

Looking forward to seeing my gloves in the exhibition in The Cornerhouse, Manchester in October as part of The Manchester Science Fair.

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Left Sanquhar style glove in purple

Characteristic gusset just visible between first tow fingers

After a couple of false starts the left glove is not far from completion now.   I am keen to get them all finished so that I can start the Yorkshire glove project.




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Sanquhar in Colour

The right glove is now finished and the 1.6mm needles from The Knitting Lady have worked out just fine.  The gloves are the perfect size.

The yarn used is Jamieson and Smith 2ply lace weight Shetland wool in shades L49 and L20.

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sanQR, gloves knitted for exhibition

The pictured gloves are potential submissions for the QR-3D exhibition which could be exhibited at The Cornerhouse, Manchester later on this year. The pieces are based on the Sanquhar traditional knitting and combine QR (quick response) bar codes.

Both pairs have been knitted in Jamieson & Smith 2 ply lace weight yarn . The small pair have been made using Hiya Hiya 1.5mm needles and the medium pair 1.75mm.

In Sanquhar style, the main body of the glove is covered in motifs worked over 11 stitches and 11 rows and incorporate personalised wrist bands and the characteristic finger gussets. The motif has been designed to complement the angular lines within the bar code and not traditional.

The quick response code for this blog was created using an on-line bar code generator. There are many code generators and bar code readers available and they are relatively simple to use. Google chrome, which I generally use, has an extension that will turn any web page into QR. The bar code and glove pattern was charted in Excel to avoid reading extensive sets of abbreviation.

Although both bar codes point to this blog they are not identical.  One represents the URL shortened in  This bar code is slightly smaller.

Regrettably the codes cannot be read by the reader on my phone. Various suggestions have been given. A contact on Ravelry has suggested that even if the bar code is square, the individual stitches are not, they are small v shaped elements and may not be able to be read. This seems plausible. My feeling though it is the yarn.  Under magnification a clear halo is visible and this gives a fuzzy image and a step too far for the reader. Greater error correction facilities are required for this code to be read. On a more positive note the charted pattern can be read with no problem at all.  The charts will be added in due course.

The pieces are presented as 21st Century Sanquhar. Whilst the traditional Sanquhar knitter might not whole heartedly approve it is designed to celebrate the expertise and skill of past generations and adapted to incorporate current technologies and lifestyle. The pieces have been called sanQR.

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Sanquhar in colour

Left cuff under way

My sanQR project has worked out pretty well.  The ones knitted on 1.5mm needles are just  bit on the snug size and the 1.75mm pair a little to loose.  In my pursuit of the perfect needle size I have just had 1.6mm needles made which I understand equate to an old UK size 16.  The cuff left seems to be working out OK but time will tell.

Right glove just needing the fingers

I seem to be getting faster, in no time at all the right glove is up to the fingers.  The use of different colours seems to appeal to a younger audience.

An Xmas gift perhaps?

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